Putting the FUN in Fundraising

We love our communities and we understand the importance of fundraising for charitable and volunteer organzations. We also know that fundraising can be time-consuming, challenging, and downright un-fun and we want to help.

Using our unique platform, your organization can raise money when you or your supporters books any one of our growing collection of amazing experiences. It's that easy. And it's your page forever, so you can promote it however you like.

Even better, we'll be promoting you too! How's that for teamwork?


Your friends, family, coworkers or
other community supporters visit
your fundraising page.


They choose from our growing
selection of amazing experiences
and make a reservation.


They have an unforgettable
adventure and we donate a
portion of their purchase to you.

Yes, it's that easy to have fun AND do good.

Why Fundraise with Adventure Hub?

At Adventure Hub we are all about collaboration and supporting our community, and we're making it easier than ever:
  • Your Adventure Hub fundraising page lives forever, meaning the fundraising opportunities don't stop.
  • Our incremental donation model means more businesses can contribute more often.
  • We offer something for everyone, so your supporters can do what they enjoy and support you at the same time. It's a win-win-win!
  • Our process is simple, meaning less administration for you.

How do I get started?

Fundraising with Adventure Hub is simple:

1. Apply

Tell us about your organization, supply some contact information, and if your organization meets our requirements we start building your page.


2. Build Your Page

We're going to need some information to share with the world. Who are you? Why are you fundraising? Why is your organization so amazing? What are your special events and other fundraising opportunities? (hint: we love photos!)

3. Promote Your Page

Your page is yours. We will work with you to make is as effective (and easy) as we can. Promote a raffle, encourage supporters to book an adventure, or get creative and create something completely unique with us.

4. Donation Time!

We track the sales made through your page and donate your portion of those sales monthly. We will send you a report showing you your stats for the month.

Apply Now

Complete this simple form to apply for the Adventure Hub Fundraising Program. Curious if this program is right for you? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why fundraise with Adventure Hub?

The Adventure Hub fundraising program is a novel way for your organization to earn money. Your supporters enjoy an incredible experience from our growing list of amazing partners and you earn a portion of the sales.

We also work with you to build a functional platform for promoting your events, raffles etc., including the use of our online sales tool for ticket sales.

Who is it for?

The Adventure Hub fundraising program is for non-profit organizations and registered charities.

What can we use our page for?

We are happy to help you promote your other fundraising events on your Adventure Hub page. This is especially useful if you do not currently have an existing website.

You can promote raffles, silent auctions, car washes, bottle drives and really anything else you can think of. Think of it as an information station for your group.

How does the online ticket sales tool work?

We use our existing system to sell your event/raffle tickets, including a small online booking fee of ~3% (to offset credit card fees), allowing your donors to pay by credit card from anywhere in the world. We then transfer these funds to you once the event is complete.

As an added bonus you can even add the online booking tool to your own website for even more convenience!

How do we earn from activity bookings?

Our unique system is able to track when an activity booking is made through your page. You will be give a unique URL (web address) that silently logs you in to our website. This is the link you will add to your website, share with your donors, print on your tickets, etc. Once on your page, any booking made will be tracked back to you.

At the end of each month we will tally all of the activities bookings redeemed for that month and donate your portion of those sales to your organization. Absolutely no work is required on your end for this to happen.